They have been testing for quite a while, but no action.

by Albert Haim

An open letter to Network 54 and TapaTalk:

09 Jan 2018, 18:08 #1


Since its now public and common knowledge that Tapatalk has taken over NW54, what can we expect from this? Why werent the forum owners told before hand? You have our emails, and we should have been notified well before it was made public to the NW54 communities.

In the real world, this change of management is usually accompanied by letting the users/customer know what to expect from the change over. Nothing from NW54 at all regarding this. But that doesnt surpise me, as NW54's customer interaction is non-existent. Will TapaTalk be any better? Will the TapaTalk folks be better at communicating changes, and responding to the people that are paying customers?

Seriously flawed actions from both parties. NW54 has been having numerous issues since AugUST 2017, which crippled many NW54 sites. Yet no one from NW54 has responded to the complaints posted in the ADMIN's forum, or via email to those forum owners.

What can we expect from this merger? can we expect some kind of "Hi we're yer new landlords" message soon? Notice of new features? Updates on the current list of "upgrades"? Price increases? Changes to functionality--unrelated to the mobile user enhancements? More storage space? HTML5 or later compatibility? CSS? XML? RSS feeds?

I know I, and likely every paying NW54 forum owner would like answers to these and many other questions. Given the past performance of the NW54 management, Im not expecting much different behavior. Prove me wrong and respond here or email me.

More complaints.

09 Jan 2018, 18:33 #2

I hope the search function gets fixed. This is killing me.

10 Jan 2018, 05:32 #3

All I need is a back up copy of my forum and I will move on. This feels like a photo bucket ordeal. Sorry this is upsetting for the owners and needless to say
for all the forums members.


Posted on Feb 8, 2018, 6:58 PM

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