Paul Whiteman Orch, 5-16-1929, matrix 170,000s

by Fred

Googled on this for half an hour just now.... Couldn't turn up search match for "Paul Whiteman" and "Wedding March" / Lonhegrin.

Was Columbia's Western Electric matrix / Personal issue # 176,400 or # 170,400...?... unsure here of the card scrawl. Rust's four-volume Columbia matrix/master reference book set, a possible lead for this... couldn't guess if Personal issues' matrices are encompassed therein.

Found the UCSB web page including the three recordings referenced -
Columbia W148422 10-in. 5/4/1929 Your mother and mine Paul Whiteman Orchestra Jazz/dance band, with male vocal trio
Columbia W148544 10-in. 5/16/1929 S'posin' Paul Whiteman Orchestra Jazz/dance band, with male vocal solo
Columbia W148545 10-in. 5/16/1929 Laughing marionette Paul Whiteman Orchestra Jazz/dance b

The Rayno-credited Bix-present side "Your mother and mine" began recording in the first week of May '29 (on the 4th), registering ~ half-a-dozen failed matrix attempts, and resumed attempts in second week of May '29 (on the 16th), finally waxing one mastered... take 8th or thereabouts. Van Deten notes, per Rayno, that this is the only one among (the first of) three May 16, 1929 Whiteman sides to include Bix, and actually it represents a continued failed-matrix effort carried over from preceding May 4th PWO session.

Interesting in context, via querying UCSB database this evening, the Columbia "What A Day"/"Alabammy Snow" coupled orchestra sides were cut the day prior, May 15th 1929, in Columbia/Okeh studio.

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