Re: Paul Whiteman Orch, 5-16-1929, matrix 170,000s

by Harold Aherne

The Brooks/Rust volumes (the cornerstone for Columbia data at DAHR) do not include the trial/personal/special matrix blocks. They encompass only the "general purpose" blocks for 10- and 12-inch masters recorded in the US. Some matrix numbers from other series has been added as discs have been digitised.

That being said, the surviving data on Columbia personal recordings (91000 and 170000) was compiled by Ross Laird and published on the E-Discographer website in 2000 or so:

Here is the PW content from both:

W91791-12 Southern Melodies Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra In inventory 2nd quarter 1961

W91930-1 Contains Theme Say It With Music 170540-2 (several others use this with dubbings of Paul Whiteman Orch. also Paul Tremaine, Ted Wallace, Ben Selvin) Sept. 18, 1930

Paul Whiteman Orch.
W91932 - New tiger rag Columbia Tele-Focal Radio Series Prog. #1, Pt. C [dubbed from mx W150683]

Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra May 16, 1929
W170400-12 Wedding March

"2nd quarter 1961" is an inventory date, i.e. Columbia still had metal parts at that time. W91930 is probably a Tele-Focal dubbing.


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