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  • Absurd
    • Albert Haim
      Posted Dec 26, 2009 3:28 AM

      You assert that since I believe that Bix was innocent of the April 22, 1921 charge, I cannot discuss credibly the facts associated with Bixs arrest. That is absurd. I will explain.


      I examined, objectively, all available documents  [In fact, I was the first to publish them back on Jan 7, 2001.]


      Police Report.

      -         Sarah Ivens is 5-years old and is reported to be on April 22, 1921 in Goddards garage at the corner of Locust and Grand Avenue.

      -         The police report states that Sarahs place of residence is 1700 Iowa Street, about 500 yards from Goddards garage.

      -         Bix is accused of taking Sarah out of the rain into a car in the garage and putting his hands on her person outside of her dress. He is arrested at his residence at 1924 Grand Avenue for Lewd and Lascivious Act with Child. Bix waives preliminary hearing and is held to the Grand Jury on $1500 bond.

      -         Bix is said to have closed the door of the car, at which point the girl hollered.

      -         That attracted the attention of two youngsters (18 and 16) who were working across the street.

      -         The two youngsters went over and the girl went home.

      Preston Ivens Affidavit.

      -         Preston R. Ivens presents, in Sep 1921, an affidavit in which he requests that no action be taken by the Grand Jury.

      -         Mr. Ivens was advised to drop the case against Bix for the betterment of the child.

      -         Preston Ivens gives 3030 Grand Avenue as his address. [This about one mile from Goddards garage. Maybe the Ivens family moved from Iowa St to Grand Ave between April and September 1921]

      -         Mr. Ivens states that on April 22, 1921 my little girl came home, told me a man took her in the garage, said some awful things to her. I ran up to the garage, then called up he police but could get no clue.

      -         Mr. Ivens continues, Next day I saw two boys whom I had seen when I went to the garage, I asked I they saw a man take a little girl to the garage the day before. They said yes and told me it was the defendant.

      -         Mr. Ivens states that the girl told him, the chief of police and the county attorney that the defendant asked her to show herself.


      The case was disposed of in the following manner. The plaintiff requested that no action be taken by the Grand Jury. The final disposition of the case was No Bill filed. See my posting of Feb 11, 2001.

      The finding of a no bill in this instance was the consequence of the plaintiff dropping the charges; it was a housekeeping procedure to officially close the case. Note also that Bix had no attorney representing him.


      On the basis of the documentation and the doctrine of Innocent until Proven Guilty, Bix is innocent. For me, this brings closure to the case as we know it presently.


      Of course, if new information became available, I would examine it carefully. As a matter of fact, I asked Sarah Ivens daughter if she had any documentation; the answer, alas, was negative. You see, regardless of what you may believe or write, I always act rationally and logically, and my research methodology is governed by highly demanding and rigorous standards.



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