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Diorama: Visitors to hell - omaha beach, dog green sector, early morning 6th June 1944

December 4 2003 at 11:45 PM
David Spacek  (Login spacekd74)

Sorry for troubles with posting the pictures, it seems that now it's working fine.
So I'm posting it whole again.

Let me introduce my latest project, which is diorama called:

„Visitors to hell“, which is actually name of one chapter from S. Ambrose book D-Day.

Diorama is depicting the morning of the 6th June 1944 at Omaha beach - Dog Green sector.
The first waves of 116th regiment are already on the beach either slaughtered or pinned down behind the obstacles by intensive machine gun fire.
At this moment 5th Rangers are wading to the shore….

So this is a short background for the diorama project, which cost me almost 8 months of work. There are some 30 figures used mainly heavily scratch built. There some DML sets (Pusan perimeter, US Rangers, US 3rd armoured infantry), a few figures from Tamyia and some Nemrod once. The casualties are mainly fully sculpted figures (Magic sculpt). The obstacles are made from wood and paper (Czech hedgehogs). The water was made from two part epoxy, slightly coloured into the light grey/green shade. (and also to red at some places).
The diorama is some 70 cm long and 35 cm wide. Altogether some 3 kg of two part epoxy was used.

David Spacek

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