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June 10 2008 at 5:13 PM
John  (no login)

DO you guys remember that thread from years back where David actually thought that the Viking Race was an exclusive DNA ethnic group of their own? It may be that he wasn't completely wrong afterall. The only problem is the source of the collected Viking DNA is very much akin to that of the folks living in India. This is from Stephen Knapp's Proof of Vedic Civilisation:

The whole of Europe was administered in ancient times by a Sanskrit-speaking clan known as the Daityas. Danu and Merk were two leaders of this ancient clan, and it is these two names that are combined to make Danumerk or Denmark. Count Biornstiern, himself a Scandinavian, is no doubt right in determining in his book The Theogony of the Hindus: ‘It appears that the Hindu settlers migrated to Scandinavia before the Mahabharata War.’

The name Scandinavia itself is an indication of the Vedic, Sanskrit roots of the region. Scanda (or Skanda) is the warrior son of Lord Shiva and commander in chief of the divine army. The Sanskrit word ‘naviya’ signifies a naval expedition or a settlement. The region is thus a Vedic settlement initiated by a naval exhibition in the name of Skanda. Such an exhibition was undertaken by the Vedic Kshatriya warriors who obviously populated the region. On page 53 of his book India in Greece, Edward Pococke observes that the European, Scandinavian and Indian Kshatriya warrior castes are identical.....

The ancient names Sveringe for Sweden and Norge for Norway come from the Sanskrit terms Swarga and Narka....

“The ancient Vedas that the Kshatriyas followed were also transported to Scandinavia. Later, they became the Eddas....close study reveals many similarities in the tales of the Eddas and the Vedas....

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