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I haven't landed on mi' 'ead....

August 21 2008 at 9:02 PM
Von Richter.  (no login)

but on mi' feet again. Later today we're of to East Kirkby to have a look inside Lancaster 'Just Jane'. We're taking a Veteran of Bomber Command back to his old airfield. He gets in the Lanc for nowt, for obvious reasons, me and my mate have to pay twenty five quid. The old Gentleman flew on the Nuremburg (one of Bomber Command's most costly operations) raid in a Lanc's rear turret. All the way there and back he recalls seeing bombers exploding as the nightfighters got them. Ours went up in a orange and yellow ball, the Jerry's in a bluey green one, at the time thay were told it was the low grade fuel the Jerrys were using that made the distinction.

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