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I knew a guy

August 22 2008 at 8:22 PM
celtredleg  (no login)

Response to Have a great day!

pretty much my mwhole life, and he maybe said 5-6 words to me total in that time. No big deal as he was of an age with my grandmother.

Then I came home from desert storm. Saw him once, in the short time I had, and he talked like crazy. But only when nobody else was close enough to hear. And he told me about being in the Navy in the Pacific in WWII. He got sunk off of guadalcanal, and I beleive he said he was on the USS Juneau, which was the CLAA the Sullivan bros where on. Only 5 guys got off of that one.

He died before I made it back home on leave again. I regret all the years I could have learned many great WWII stories, but I understand not wanting to talk to anybody but other members of the club. As being sunk probably doesnt make you that way, I have always beleived there was at least one really great (or horrific depending how you look at it) story I would have heard if only there had been the time.

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