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Re: Re: So far

February 6 2009 at 5:57 PM
Dennis  (no login)

Response to Re: So far................

That's an interpretation on your part. I heard the speech. He is calling on congress to act on his program to prevent an even bigger disaster than the one we've been handed.

Hopping on the president for proposing the strictest rules on lobbyists in a long time isn't fair either. Those aren't done by executive order, they are enacted by congress. The president's rules cover only his appointees, those he CAN control.

See if both parties in congress can pull themselves away from the teat to comply. Sorry I can't go with your snap judgement. I'm going to give him as long as I gave W. A term.

BTW Celt, you're preaching to the choir about Hillary. The Democratic version of Governor Palin............and I thought the "Know Nothings" were dead.

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