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Nancy Pelosi to meet with the Pope

February 17 2009 at 12:01 PM
John  (no login)

Madam Speaker is scheduled to meet with Pope Benedict at Midday on Wednesday along with her entourage of Dummycrat syncophants. I'd love to see her seized by the Swiss Guard and hauled down into the dungeon for a session and taste of the bastinado and perhaps even a Spanish Inquisition Revival.

That stupid, clueless, self-serving, smorgasboard-Catholic bitch is doubtlessly going to get an acidic-earful and perhaps excommunication for her diameterically opposed, anti-Catholic viewpoints upon abortion and other such matters. I wonder if she even realizes the hornet's nest that she's walking into. Benedict is no gentle, p.c. John Paul II. He's liable to grab the filthy bitch around her whistlepipe and royally throttle her all the way down to the floor. I can only hope!!

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