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But ya gots to laugh.............

April 19 2009 at 1:33 PM
Dennis  (no login)

Response to We're so fucked it ain't even funny....

Cause it hurts too much to cry! What feeble minded cocksuckers!

Our biggest polluters must be our vehicles, cause the morons in corporate, union and government headquarters allowed our heavy industry to go to hell, or China and Mexico as the case may be long ago! The rest of the economy is geared toward service. How much global warming do service workers create?

The summabitches want to bail our DEEEE-troit so they make more cars for us to buy to put what little industry we have left back on firm footing. So they'll get us to do that by putting higher taxes on the polluting motherfuckers! Sweet Jumping Up 'n Down Jesus!

Sheeeet, lets head back to the ancestral home, Poland, boys and take those friends who can't get genetic admission along as guests!

Edit to clarify meaning...........I hope!

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