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two things I have seen there

June 4 2009 at 10:43 AM
celtredleg  (no login)

Response to Funny...

Myself even. We picked up a bunch of AKs some dudes had dropped as they where surrendering. We where going to destroy them, as we did not take prisoners, just diarmed them and let them go. As we gathered them up, i realized most had the bolts rusted closed. Perhaps a good gunsmith could have gotten them working again in a week or so.

Second time, a few days later, I scooped up two AKMs, and an RPK, with some vague notion of keeping them. As me and the LT where looking at them, we noticed that all the sighs had been set to 1200. The operatoer did not realize that was a range adjustment on the sight, they thought it was a power setting. I had heard of this before but thought not even they where that uneducated.

And no, I didnt get to keep them, the CSM rolled up on us before we could get them stashed, and watched me destroy them.

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