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Next time I leave her and keep the bear............

July 6 2009 at 11:59 AM
Dennis  (Login D1J1)

So, we're driving down the road from Jasper toward Vancouver going up a long gentle grade. About 1/2 mile or more ahead I see a large, repeat LARGE, black bear walking down the highway in the same direction.

I say to the CB, "Look at the bear, grab the camera quick!" She replies that its just a person. I repeat more forcefully to grab the camera and be quick about it. She denies it is a bear that time and one more before finally recognizing that I am correct.

She reaches for the camera about the time we are in the lane next to the bear and directly adjacent to it. At that time it makes its exit from the highway and heads for the woods.

Fortunately it does not run directly off and she did manage to get a couple of time she will be made to track the damn beast! I'd judge this one, based on measured mounts I've seen, to be in the 450 lb. range.

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[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

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