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August 16 2009 at 11:38 AM
Loki Luv, MD°  (no login)

Response to OY Boss! Hope you didn't get this on top of the slugs!

I think that might have had a hand in killing the spuds I planted as well as the slugs. Not sure, but I have found symptoms which seem similar to those described on the site you provided, plus others. None have keeled over dead as described, but a couple started to wilt mysteriously after the last torrential rain which drenched "The Farm".

Not sure what I will do at this point... ...It doesn't seem as though a 'chemical option' is viable if the infection is already present, and my plants are right on top of each other, so if one of 'em had it, I bet they all will get it. Guess I'll just keep pruning whatever looks bad on the individual plants, and destroy as the web sites suggest anything which looks infected.

argh !

The Hell of it is, I started from seeds, rather than buying any starter plants.

I could crucify the bastard who sent those plants from down South... ...probably unjust, as they might not have known what was afoot...

It would make me feel better, though.

Plus, I should be able to sue Al Gore for a couple million bucks or so, as who knows how much people changing their behavior on account of his never ending stream of oral effluvia about the climate has caused a 'rebound effect' in the weather contributed the soggy Summer which has been so conducive to the spread of a fungal disease.

I have fuckin' suffered, and I should be compensated.

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