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Rapid skinning

July 18 2010 at 12:22 PM
celtredleg  (no login)

Response to Re: I wish....

My mom always had a lot of friends in town, who felt that a farm always had need of more cats. So they would raise a batch of kittens, until thye where no longer small enough to be fun around the house, then they would let us have them, without troubleing us by asking.

Of course that meant we got periodic invasions of overfed lazy critters that expected to be fed. No such luck for them. The coyotes would pick off many of them, but there where always a few that survive long enough to be a pain. One of my jobs was thinning them back. Usualy a .22 was fine for the job. I had one though that figured out if he hid in the wood pile a .22 just would not get to him.

So I brought out my Gerand, noted which bit of wood he was most likely behind, and pumped in 3 rounds. All the wood did was insure the rounds where well expanded by the time they hit him. It was some trouble to scrape up the bits to bury, but he never bothered me again.

Does that count as a skinning?


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