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Stuff like this makes me realize.....

May 13 2011 at 5:53 AM
Dennis  (no login)

That I don't own nearly enough ammunition to eliminate those that truly deserve and desperately need to be removed from the gene pool....

Throw in the news report I heard yesterday about the marketing of sexy lingerie, like underwire bras to enhance cleavage, to girls as young as 6-8 and we can add the marketers who make it and the alleged excuses for parents who buy it to the list!

Maybe it is appropriate that pervert, parasite and parent all begin with P! Shit like this makes me so fucking angry I can't see straight!

His most worthy proprietorness likes to go on about getting rid of the politicos, but the pedophiles and asshole parents that are actually helping make victims more accessible to them need to go right to the front of the motherfucking line!!!

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