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Who stands foremost in the way of applying Rule 303 to the scum ?

May 13 2011 at 10:35 PM
Loki Luv, MD°  (no login)

Response to Agreed

Politicians !

Hell - the speaker of the New York State assembly refused to so much as bring a mandatory sentencing bill for child sex offenders to the floor for a vote in the SSRNY assembly for nigh unto a year for the sole reason that he felt he wasn't getting enough in reciprocal "political deals" to warrant taking action ! Oddly enough, it was only after Bill O'Reilly began calling him the worst politician in America that a sufficient amount of public outrage was generated to browbeat the pig into taking even this meager step.

And what about at the Federal level ? Their amazing, colossal legislatory achievement is sending you a notice in the mail that some degenerate piece of garbage is now living in your neighborhood - but don't you dare deny 'em the right to do so !

For fuck's sake - the notice should include the amount of prize money awarded to the first solid citizen to shoot the shitbag dead !

So, in this case, not only are the goddam politicians not doing anything to solve the problem, they're actively goddam preventing anything from being done !

It's the same basic situation as every other in which the jibbering, jabbering, prattling, blabbering, stupid, incompetent, criminal, stinking, lousy, filthy, rotten, degenerate, sleazy pukes sitting in "elected" office start getting their insipid little "ideas" in their heads and then - worse, still - start acting on them in that nauseatingly self-righteous manner indicative of their insistance that somehow they know better than you how the world "should" work, regardless of how little their horse's-assed view resembles anything which could be couched even in the vaguest terms whatever as reality...

Solution ?

RULE 303 !

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