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There is nigh unto

August 16 2011 at 11:58 PM
Asmara  (no login)

Response to Thank God I live in the gloriously enlightened Soviet Socialist Republik of New York...!

NO enlightenment hereabouts.

They use pivots to irrigate (as in sprinkle, spray) that stuff 24x7
down on the shitty farm in the late spring, summer, and fall.

No idea what they do with it in the winter and early spring. No idea
what they do with the solids, maybe they go on the crop ground and
are plowed under as John mentioned.

Probably don't want to know. Of course this is the city government
so I am sure it's "all" on the up and up... or at least someone is
being well paid to dispose of it down an old well straight into the
drinking water aquifer... or something.


Gotta laugh or we all would cry.

And this is a podunk "city" of around (under) 6,000. What do cities
of any SIZE do with all their "treated" water and waste solids? OMG

Hi everyone !


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