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John already hit on it.

August 26 2011 at 4:06 AM
celtredleg  (no login)

Response to Fighter Command.

Sort of like mossies under B-17s. The germans launched a couple of low level small number raids, that came in under radar, and caused a great deal of damage. Apperently the RAF was at some pains to not let the dickheads learn how efective they had been, because they did not want them to repeat them.

Of course, repeating things in warfare can set you up for major failure, so the germans could not have gone to only this. But a combination could have caused a great deal more problems.

Thisd is not some new secret idea. It was well known in the RAF, but they kept thier mouths shut. And not even to hard to find out about. Only you have to do actual research.

And no, it is nt a war winner all by itself. Just a peice of the puzzle. But an intrersesting thing that could have been done.


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