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We sucked

September 12 2011 at 12:28 PM
mooster  (no login)

Response to Way too soon to tell yet.

That was a painful game to watch. We still looked preseason with the fumbles, penalties, non-tackling, non-pass-covering etc. etc.

The Chiefs are a good team, but they do this weird thing every so often where it seems like a group of incompetent imposters steal their uniforms and take the fied. Inexplicable. Not that we couldn't have lost yesterday anyway, but our performance was pathetic. Chiefs are lightyears ahead of playing like that...but they did.

But I did tell you last year that Buffalo was a much better team than their record indicated and Fitzpatrick is a good QB. Improvements were made in the draft and in free agency for the first time in 15 years. It's a nice rebuild going on up there and (again) I said it last season if you recall.

If you don't want the optimism I will say that, even though the Bills turned in a rotten win-loss record last season, they weren't exactly handed a friendly schedule this year. Sucks to have New England, Jets twice each year. This year you've also got the Giants and Eagles in your lineup as well. San Diego and Oakland are nothing to sneeze at but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you "upset" them as well. Bills are improving but unless they overachieve this year, anticipate more suck. Does that make you feel better? wink.gif

And I agree with John. The silver lining in this Week 1 mess is knowing that Jerry Jones and every moronic bandwagon follower of America's Bullshit Blowjob Team is feeling some pain. I always like that.


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