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October 17 2011 at 10:32 AM
Dennis  (no login)

Response to Oh, shut up, Dennis!

I picked the Lions and Bills in the ACG poll this week, so I am pissed at them! That doesn't mean I won't pick either or both next week. Both are fun to watch amd won't make a habit of losing.

Fekking plowgirls were my upset special. If they hadn't played like sissys and played for 3 the two times they got close at the end of the game they would have come through too!

You will of course have the good grace to begin addressing McNabb's team as the viQueens in the future I hope! wink.gif That is only fitting for a team named after a group of people and a culture that could not subsist on its own without constant conquest!

I mean even the fekking FRENCH for pity's sake survived periods of peace and defeat! What does that say about the viQueens!

And yeah, I had the Bears! happy.gif Gotta have real men to play a real man's game you know! wink.gif

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