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Agreed on much of what you had to say.

October 20 2011 at 1:36 AM
John  (no login)

Response to So... ...Any Elephantitis Party prospects looking like they might be worth voting for...?

Perry is a phenomenally backwards dolt from Texass. Enuff' said. Romney is a "Blue-haired, country club Republican" and those bastards never want to ruffle any other rich bastard's feathers for any reason. They want to simply preserve the status quo of same-oh, same-same. People like him also wish that those of the lower classes would simply stay away from them altogether, except when their grass needs mowing, their gardens need weeding, or they need their butts wiped, after taking a shit. I too am still rooting for Herman Cain and wish there was a "Godfather Pizza Outlet" near my castle.

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