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Re: 50 cents and shipping costs?!?!

November 12 2011 at 10:34 AM
Loki Luv, MD°  (no login)

Response to 50 cents and shipping costs?!?!

I'd read the thing if I could get it cheap enough. Deighton's SS-GB - about the same sort of subject matter - wasn't all that bad. Of course, it was more of a detective story that happened to be set in nazi occupied Britain, but what the hey. I enjoyed wacky shit like S M Stirling's Marching Through Georgia - in a which British loyalist refugees from the American Revolution, later joined by refugees from the defeated Confederacy after the US Civil War form a kind of militaristic super-state at the Southern tip of Africa that ends up enslaving all of Africa and threatening the world with it's Janissary-type legions of slave-soldiers and startlingly advanced technology... ...and Harry Turtledove's Guns of the South - in which time travellers zip back to the Confederacy and teach them how to manufacture AK-47s so they can win the Civil war. I can suspend some major disbelief if the tale's amusing enough. Hell, I'm in the midst of the 7th 800-1000 page volume of a sword-and-sorcery saga which has literally knocked my socks off, so "improbable" ain't a deal breaker.


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