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Re: So what are you reeading?

November 15 2011 at 12:32 PM
John  (no login)

Response to Re: So what are you reeading?

I'm reading Anthony Bourdane's book "Kitchen Confidential". It's not a bad book and in the same genre as the late, Hunter Thompson's works, except a bit lighter in content. Really illuminating about all of the endless, crazy shit that goes on behind the scenes in most restaurants. Most of this stuff I already knew from past experience, while confirming that, which I long suspected. For the record. Never order fish in a restaurant on a Monday or Tuesday. Fish markets make all their restaurant deliveries on Wednesday, so whatever is left over from the weekend is sold as a specialty item on the menu at a lower price on Monday or Tuesday, as the restaurant owner is still hoping to make a buck by selling fish that's been dead for a week or more. Like I also mentioned awhile back, "You'll never be hungry, or go home to an empty bed if you work in a restaurant."

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