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Good Deal

December 30 2011 at 9:23 AM
mooster  (no login)

Response to Exact date doesn't matter to me......

I didn't want to write up a bunch of stuff anyway and having an internet discussion on religion is like sitting and spinning your tires in the mud. Shit gets flung, people get pissed and you go nowhere.

I would like to say that Matters and Articles of Faith are scriptural bits having to do with salvation only. There are lots of fascinating things in the Bible which strengthen faith and make you grow. This bit about the Birthday of Jesus is one of those things that you can find without it being written as a specific scripture or Biblical chapter. Lots of things in the Bible like that.

My main point stands. I hope you all have happy and safe holidays. I'm working an extra shift today (which will make for 318 hours of overtime this year) but I'm 'supposed' to be off the weekend. I hole up on New Years and step no feet out the door until it's over. I think I've said this before about New Years Eve; too many drunks and too many cops looking for drunks. And I don't like to encounter either one. happy.gif


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