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hmmm... ...last time a pipe made me feel like a wizard....

March 7 2012 at 12:11 AM
Loki Luv, MD°  (no login)

Response to Enjoy the days off!

I better not say what we was smokin' outta the thing !

ahhhh... ...the good old days...

Lord of the Rings, you say... ...can you friggin' believe they're going to stretch out The Hobbit into TWO goddam movies ???
And that's without all of Peter Jackson's goddam irritating slow motion sequences !

I wonder what the Soviet Socialist Republik of New York is raping a man's ass in cost for a fishing license these days.
Imagine that ! Charging a man a friggin' fee to drop a line with a hook into some water... ...What is this - Imperial Britain ??!?! Didn't our Founding Robber Barons risk their lives to free us from such onerous government intrusions on our God-given rights ??!?!?
Can't afford the friggin' gear now, anyway... ...fuckin' Kenyan Muslim Socialist and his goddam "economic recovery".
I sure as shit hope you can friggin' sleep at night, mister !

Time off... know, in spite of working the equivalent of a shift less each week, I sure could use some myself !
Maybe I'll take Friday afternoon off & head down to that local Ukranian church kitchen to try their version of home-made pierogi & golobki. I mean - the Ukies are almost Polacks, so I bet they can cook up some soul food !

Oh - almost forgot - Mild weather ! Gotta luv it.

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