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I feel your pain...

April 10 2012 at 11:17 PM
Loki Luv, MD°  (no login)

Response to Fekking Deer

Recall that a couple of years back I literally drove Kaga right over a full grown buck on my way to pick up a submarine sandwich.
Only damage was a dent in the muffler**, and a couple cracked brackets on the passenger side headlight - light still works, though if you look close you can see that it's about 1/4 inch or so out of allignment.

Glad to hear you & Leroy are OK. Be sure to go get yourself a "kill" decal !

**must have burnt the crap out of the sumbitch, as I thought for a second Kaga had somehow caught fire due to the reek I realized a few seconds later was singed deer.

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