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You should have heard this woman on local talk radio...

May 3 2012 at 9:06 PM
Loki Luv, MD°  (no login)

Response to It's gonna be official! Another Family Values man is out!

...prattling on about how Newt hadn't gotten a chance to get his message out... ...if people just heard what he had to say... ... blah blah blah ...

I mean - how many friggin' debates did the Elephantitis Party hold ?

Moral reprobate status aside - I'd say people pretty much heard what he had to say & reacted by doing that thing Curly from the 3 stooges did when some imminent disaster was about to occur, and he'd recoil in horror going
Nang Nang Nang ...!!!

Besides - calling the President "Mitt" could only be surpassed in silly-ness by calling him "Newt".  I mean - what's next - Poppa Smurf ?

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