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Too damn many Pollacks here....

May 5 2012 at 4:25 PM
Dennis  (no login)

We're heading to Chicago over Memorial Day to visit with the sister and hubby and participate in their annual Bocce Ball tournament and I need a coach! David, the hubby is of Italian heritage, the sis is of course a good Polish/Ukranian girl.

I need coached up for the event. There is cash at stake from the $1 each player puts up, but bragging rights are absolutely critical! One of the boys at camp said he would give me some tips, but he had a hard time remembering to do that due to the insidious influence of demon rum! Damn drunken Dago! happy.gif

The CB is gonna ref, but if she has more than 1 drink she won't be able to remember to cheat for the good guy............ME!

Shit, I may have to rely on skill! I'm doomed, doomed I tell yunze...fekking


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