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The Lucky Forward Rebellion

May 31 2012 at 7:27 AM
mooster  (no login)

Response to Grand Island....

My own domicile, Lucky Forward, has been a sovereign nation since I first moved in. Mooster's rebellion has been ongoing for about 11 years now. Within the bounds of my revolt there are no speeding laws, no drinking laws, no curfew, no bed time, cookies any time you want! DEFIANCE! Let the state and fed blowhards bang their gavels, pass their "laws" in their indsidous, never-ending usurping of the power from the people. Their authority has NEVER extended past my front stoop! DEFIANCE! No evil agent of any government has entered my door! Well...some paramedics and a cop here and there, but they were only there for the beer. BEER INSURRECTION!

Most importantly, no woman has ever made so much as s suggestion of a rule - not even to augment a game of Monopoly. Mooster house rules only! Lucky Forward rules! We will play Monopoly with a 'kitty pot' to be had upon landing at the Free Parking regardless of what some skirt has to say about it! Long the live the Rebellion! Long live the Lucky Forward Rebellion!


PS: Cesar Romero ended the Town Line deal? Seriously? Cesar Romero? It would be cool to have the Joker at LF...if he wasn't too busy being dead.

PPS: Come to think of it, if I'm going to continue my rebel cause, I wouldn't want the Joker as my ally. I would much prefer Princess Leia in her brass slave bikini. This is getting better all the time! happy.gif

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