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Another possible remedy

June 6 2012 at 10:22 AM
John  (no login)

Response to Check around Loki

Pick up a large, second hand, cardboard refrigerator box and place it next to the People's Collective Farm for several days. Also put out some bait nearby, carrot greens, sugar beet pairings, etc. Renew the bait pile every day. One morning, before dawn, climb into the box and cut a firing port/observation slit in the box. Beforehand, be sure to stock your bunny pillbox with a case of Guiness, a half gallon of Polish vodka, some Margarhita Pepperoni and crackers, a milk crate and pillow to sit on, your favorite music to listen to and your Webbley to await the dawn. Almost forgot. Don't forget a large coffee can with plastic lid to piss in. The results will hopefully be one dead, wascally wabbit and one pleasantly inebriated godhead who will soon be dining on a tasty breakfast of "bunny with biscuits." Worst case scenerio, you shoot out the neighbor's car tires in the driveway across the street, or the picture window in his house. Maybe you drop the paperboy off his bike too, but what the hell, you never liked him anyway..

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