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Another eye witness account.

June 25 2012 at 10:47 PM
John  (no login)

Response to Re: Number of guns

"...these men were every now and then jumping up and either running off or coming in and
giving themselves up.
Among those that were running off, we observed one stout looking fellow, in a
red coat, who would every now and then stop and display some gestures toward us, that
were rather the opposite of complimentary. Perhaps fifty guns were fired at him, but he
was a good way off, without effect. Hurra, Paleface! load quick and give him a shot.
The infernal rascal is patting his butt at us! Sure enough, Paleface rammed home his
bullet, and taking a long sight, he let drive. The fellow, by this time, was from two to
three hundred yards off, and somewhat to the left of Pakenham's horse. Paleface said as
he drew sight on him and then run it along up his back until the sight was lost over his
head, to allow for the sinking of the ball in so great a distance, and then let go. As soon
as the gun cracked, the fellow was seen to stagger. He ran forward a few steps, and then
pitched down on his head, and moved no more. As soon as he fell, George Huffman, a
big stout Dutchman, belonging to our Company, asked the Captain if he might go and see
where Paleface hit him.12 The Captain said he didn't care and George jumping from the
breastwork over the ditch, ran over the dead and wounded until he came to the place
where the fellow was lying. George rolled over the body until he could see the face and
then, turning round to us, shouted at the top of his voice, Mine Gott! he is a nagar! He
was a mulatto and he was quite dead. Paleface's ball had entered between the shoulders,
and passed out through his breast.13 George, as he came back, brought three or four
muskets which he had picked up. By this time, our men were running out in all
directions, picking up muskets and sometimes watches and other plunder. One man who
had got a little too far out on the field was fired at from the British brestwork and
wounded in the arm. He came running back a good deal faster than he'd one out.."

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