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A-lert!!! A-lert!!! A-muhfuggen-LERT!!!!!

July 5 2012 at 5:10 PM
Dennis  (Login D1J1)

I seen camels, real life honest to god camels!!! I seen 'em while the CB and I was takin' my ball coaching partner to the airport!!! I shit yinz not! I seen 'em with my own two pretty hazel visual organs!!

They was right there in a field along side the highway!!! No shit!! The CB is a witness!!!

This could mean that that low-brow, lazy, lying, no account, no good, sheep dip, gutless, nutless, miserable, valueless, excuse for a man is back!!!

No, not you shit for brains................fuggen' MAHMOUT!!! Alert, ALERT!!!

Arm yourselves gentlemen, and don't open the door to any dark-skinned, amorous looking A-rab types Asmara!

I'm prepping the double barrel and the '06!!!! I shall keep you appraised as developments occur!

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