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Neighbors on 3 sides...????? Yikes.

August 14 2012 at 1:17 AM
Loki Luv, MD°  (no login)

Response to Same Here

I'd probably have killed one or more of 'em by now...

Then again, I'm so fed up with people at this point that I'd probably be a good candidate to be a "Mountain Man" like back in them there Olde Timey days - when the only time they came down outta the hinterlands was to trade for more bullets and/or gunpowder, and maybe a bottle O' booze. I'd probb'ly go ahead & shoot anybody I met by chance wandering through the middle of nowhere, too - just to be on the safe side before they went and did something stoopid.

I mean - why else would they be out there ?

I got my peace of mind to think of, y'know.

The problem is, I'd want some gigantic-ass, ultra-killing kind of gun to tote along that could kill just about anything you might ever encounter pretty much with one or a couple shots, because being mutilated by some dumb animal just because it is stupid, or hungry, or gets the crazy idea in it's pinheaded little brain that it's got more right to be on some hunk of ground than me definitely wouldn't be on my agenda.
Something like a sawed off version of that 20mm anti-tank rifle built by Finland would be nice - but with explosive ammunition, just to make sure.

How many pelts you think you'd have to bring in to wrangle a box of slugs like that?


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