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Most shooters

August 19 2012 at 6:28 AM
celtredleg  (no login)

Response to Semi-auto versus bolt/lever action...

cant come close to the ability of the weapon, no matter what the action looks like. However, there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that a lot of semi-auto shooters go frp the spray and pray approach. So with a bolt, you are required to go slow and make it count.

I can and have hit running rabbits from the back of a moving Ford Bronco with my gerand. Wound one? no stress, they are just long eared rats. Most ranchers I know are peretty much anti-rabbit as well.

Deer are indeed different. But I hunt them, or did when i stiill got out and hunted with my model 70 in .300 winchester. Why? because I can shoot better with it. And since I got bifocals (hey arent those for old guys?) I have found I cant shoot iron sites very well, cant see the damn things and the target. But a scope works just fine. As for that .300, well I would rather break one more than needed than not enough. If I have a bad day and am off by a little, that .300 creates enough internal havoc to forgive minort sins.

Not finding a wounded animal (rabbits are vermin and so dont count) is not an option in my family. So if you shoot it you are bringing it bsack. I have no fun dragging things over hill and dale, so would rather not shoot than Spend the rest of the day and half the night trying to find it and get it back.


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