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Childish things

February 11 2010 at 1:41 PM
Striver  (no login)

Corinthians speaks about putting childish things away and thinking as an adult. The worship interpretation of scripture results from that stage of mind's evolution (an unavoidable stage through which every human being has to evolve) when mind is in its childish "religious" stage and needs something bigger than itself to worship. Result? The creation of the present "Father in heaven." But this is indicative of much progress made from the days of appeasing the angry volcano God by tossing a twelve year old virgin into the volcano. Today, orthodox religion has replaced an angry volcano with an angry Father in heaven bent on revenge; a psychotic who needs the suffering and blood of his son to placate his need for revenge at his own creation not working out. Gruesome? Yes, but as Art Linkletter used to say, "Kids say the darndest things." You young people will have to Google Art Linkletter.

Those having put the above childish-primitive thinking away are beginning to respond to the new (new to the Occident) paradigm which includes the replacing of the old, childish, primitive, "worship" with the new, adult idea of participation. Even the latest science, echoing ancient esoteric teaching, is saying, quoting the physicist John Wheeler, "In some strange sense, the universe is a participatory universe."

According to another physicist, Geoffrey Chew, paraphrasing, "we are making discoveries that may lead to the unprecendented possibility of being forced to include the study of human consciousness explicitly in our future theories of matter."

We are not separate from the matter that goes to the make-up of planet Earth. It doesn't matter if we believe a God created us from dirt, or that the creator aspect of Earth created us via the evolutionary process, we are that part of the planet that got up and walked...later, thought.

If human consciousness is (and it's but a matter of time before this is the accepted norm) to be included in future theories of matter, it means we are participating in Earth processes. It places upon humanity the responsibility of improving the quality of our consciousness. Does the Bible say we are to improve this quality. It sure does. See Philippians 2:5-6. Do the Bible and science disagree? No, they do not. Does the orthodox interpretation of the Bible disagree with the Bible? It sure does.

It has been said that we humans are the brain cells of the planet. Do brains think? Does quality of thought affect our bodies? It sure does. Thought quality create stress which can create cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure (what have I left out). If it is true that we are the brain cells of the Logos, we affecting the body of the Logos, the planet. Does the U.S. have so many more crimes of violence than other nations because of the stress our capitalistic system of greed and materialism? Yes, are definitely participating in the evolution of matter. This adds much weight to the Bible's "as a man thinketh, so is he." What the Bible does not say is "as men thinketh, so is the planet.

The time arrives when the orthodox Christian has to stop avoiding Genesis 3:22, Psalm 82.6 and John 10:34 (an obvious copy of Psalm 82.6). As long as the childish" God in the sky who's going to get you when you die" stereotype dominates the exoteric mind, the meaning of the scriptures telling them they are Gods will escape them. We are Gods in microcosm. We are co-creators with the Logos, the Word, Melchizedek, the Ancient of Day, God (choose your favorite). This realisation carries a helluva responsibility; a responsibility the majority have been unable to handle. But this shows signs of changing throughout humanity. Expansion is being replaced by contraction.

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