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"The flood is NOT a metaphor it was an actual event." -- Nucc

February 25 2010 at 10:08 AM
truthbetold  (no login)

Let's see if you can see that assertion through to its logical conclusion.

Ye Woodsten Arke

"Ye woodsten arke was 300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits in size" (Gen. 6:15) and a cubit is approximately 18 inches which is 1.5 feet.

Ye woodsten arke was thus 450 feet long, 75 wide, and 45 tall. The total cubic volume would have been 1,518,750 cubic feet.

When we do a bit of of conversion in metres, it's 137.16 by 22.86 by 13.716 metres. For ease of calculation, let's call it 140 x 23 x 14. This give you 45.080e+3 cubic metres.

One cubic metre of pure water equals one metric tonne. Salt water is a bit more dense. Let's be nice, add another thousand tonnes or so. Ye woodsten arke then, displaces 46,000 tonnes, I am being generous here.

So far for the metres. Back to feet.

Those who know something about ship-building will spot a certain 'minor' problem with the above figures and no creationist has ever seen it, apparently. In part, perhaps, if it's corrected, things get worse, for ye woodsten arke that is.

Too Big

HMS Victory, preserved at Portsmouth, was 227 ft long, 186 ft long on the gundeck, with a displacement of 3,556 tonnes. -

HMS Victoria, the last full-rigged 1st rate ship of the ERN line to serve as flag of the Channel Fleet was 340 ft long, 250 ft long on the gundeck, with a displacement of about 10,470 tonnes. -

She had a steel frame because the ERN had found that building wooden ships much bigger than 225 ft long was not a good idea. They tended to straddle or hog on being launched; that is, they tended to bend. Their bows and sterns would stick up out of the water at an angle (that's straddling) or bend the other way; the bows and sterns were supported by waves but the midships sections would be out of the water or at least not as well supported (that's hogging). Either way, their keels tended to crack under the strain. Even with steel frames, wooden ships bigger than 250 ft long tend to hog or straddle. The longest wooden ships build were about 300 feet, and those required reinforcment with iron straps and leaked so badly they had to be pumped constantly.

The Ark thus, is said to be about the size of about 1 and a half times that of HMS Victoria.

To give you an idea, here's two pics of HMS Victoria, 340 feet long, including people, for perspective.

[linked image]

[linked image]

Too Small

Entirely based upon the measurements as recorded in ye Bible, we can see where this is going.

So, when we get to the people, the amount of animals (and necessary room to move to avoid atrophy which would cause the animals to die before the journey is over), the amount of specific nourishment needed for each species, and how to keep it fresh (the inevitable excrement, and only 8 people to clean up), the amount of fresh water needed, and how to keep that fresh and so on and so forth, all on board of ye woodsten arke for the duration of a year (and we didn't even mention the heat the animals would produced and only one small window as ventilation), it poses problems so huge, so impossible to solve, in a logical and realistic manner that is, that even ye Bible is hard pressed to save the day.


Those who concocted ye Bible, had no idea about the grander scheme of things.

Latent Heat of Vaporisation. (See: the laws of thermodynamics)

1g of steam condenses to 1g of liquid water plus 2261 joules! A cubic meter of water is a million grams and the surface of the Earth is 5.09 x 10^8 km2 or 5.09 x1014 m2. Thus, if we drop a measely meter of water a day for 40 days, the amount of energy released is 2261 joules/g * 1,000,000 g/m3 * 5.09*10^14 m3 per day or 1.15 * 10^24 joules a day or 249,300,000 megatonnes/day!

The pentagon would envy such an arsenal and wouldn't stop drooling over it.

Put another way, for every m. of water level increase, we have to release 2.261 billion joules/m2. At a rate of 1 m/day, this comes to 2.261 billion joules/day/m2 or a radiance of 26 kilowatts/m2, roughly 20 times the brightness of the sun! Result: the atmosphere rapidly turns into incandescent plasma incinerating poor Noah and ye woodsten arke. Nothing survives, the oceans boil and the land is baked into pottery. Yet, it is said, ye world wide floode, ye arke and ye rest of ye circus were real life events. happy.gif

There's a good reason the creation account is rather silent on lots of stuff including germs; bacteria, viruses, parasites (and their hosts), (the delicate nature of) aquatic life etc. without which life wouldn't even exist : those who concocted ye Bible, especially Genesis, didn't know about that either, and what you do not know you cannot mention.

I mean, "everything that was not on ye woodsten arke perished" (Gen. 7:4 - 7:21-23). This means God had to re-create every life form not on ye arke. Yet, ye Bible fails to explain how ye perished life not on ye arke came to pass, again, including mankind as we know it today, out of 8 people from ye same descent.

And, according to doctrine, evolution doesn't occur. This means God created all life as is. Who of the Noah family then was infected with the Ebola virus (which renders its carrier deceased within days)?

Scientific Creationism: a religious dogma combining massive ignorance with incredible arrogance.

Creationist: 1) One who follows creationism. 2) Oblivious to reasoning and logic. 3) Incapable of doing math. 4) A true believer; gullible to the extreme. 5) Convinced of its righteousness. 6) Devoid of introspection.

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