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Yvonne. Hiya sister!

March 22 2010 at 10:02 AM

Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to Re: Nuccy...using my name in vain. eh?

I admit I see No need of a mediator for all. I think NO ONE needs a mediator, but maybe you need a certain, how can I say it, a certain 'perspective' before you can feel at ease with Directness.

I have no such worries! I can chat away like a chatter box with a problem to anyone or anything I choose, from The Source, an angel, Yeshua, The Universe, John Lennon (happy.gif), the little worm I picked up this morning which sadly was looking worse for wear (I put it somewhere safe, but have no idea of its destiny, chosen or what - still unsure about such little lives, anyone got any insights they care to share?)

Guess Cos I see ALL as One, I can just chat and chat....happy.gif

OK, Christ. Again, still not too sure. I see Christ Consciousness every time I see the word, Jesus. A guy that has surpassed the masses in understanding. Still, a Messenger amongst a handful of such that have appeared and still are appearing, purely for the sake of telling us what we all actually are.

What I am, so you (can become) / are.

Ye are Gods....

Maybe some need mediators. Maybe that is fine for where they are (and I do so wish I could express that better, I dont like this, where I AM , where you are, sort of thing. I do NOT mean it in a humanly measuring way!).

"THE SOUL, the HOUSE or temple God is making for himself to live in as MAN, the image and likeness of himself in manifestation: "

OMG, yes, I think I see this as you do. I am not sure. I have to tell you I am not always able to read your style of communication, sister. Only, I think, because of my own experienced perspectives to date, but I am always open (i Hope) to try and 'see' from new perspectives.

I do see 'us' as parts of the Body of God. SO we affect God in all that we do and think and say and create.

How do we affect God? Hard to really imagine or put into words! happy.gif There seems to be only a certain Way(s) we as humans can or need to 'get to', or be able to even think on.

Not sure. I can only think with the well used, 'we are cells of God,'. Humanity is only, possibly, just one cell, other cells being completely unknown and unthinkable existences.

Just makes 'us' thinking, God has a hell waiting for those who do not 'go to him via a one way' kinda nonsensical to me. ALL ways are right! And even right does is not really a Truth, just a human thing for keeping on track!

It can get so very difficult when one starts to try and discuss, talk about THAT, which I am now happy to adopt from elsewhere a phrase I came across, called 'Speaking of the Unspeakable"!

OK. I also believe, with no doubt, there is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Whatever we have/ we are, The Source has made available. If we choose what humanity has deemed wrong or evil, then we go with humanities definitions. In fact, all definition is purely a tool for humans.

This Way of Looking brings, I know, many questions. But I need to stop somewhere, at least for NOW. happy.gif

Yeshua, or any other Light Messenger can guide us, help us remember. Or we can just go our own ways. I kinda prefer my own guidance cos I do believe, rightly or wrongly (hey! No right or wrong!), I do believe I actually trust my own guidance. happy.gif

You know, also sis, we can jump from hither to thither and just take little dibs of guidance from wherever we choose. It is a world full of variety to be enjoyed and made full use of. A world of colours and sounds and a world full of Ways. Ways I believe that can lead to a better world for all, maybe the Way/s it 'should' (another 'wrong' word, OH, so was that! happy.gif) The Way before indeed humanity MAY have gone off track from its maybe True Purpose of Experiencing Energy in the physical, in the density. A neat experiment actually.

But Now many need first to re-remember before they are able to Consciously Create Experience. Cos experience will happen ether way!

Speaking of the Unspeakable. It's a challenge, eh? happy.gifhappy.gif But not important. we really don't need to have to fathom it all out, you know.

Yvonne, my love to you, sister

Know Thyself

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