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spiritual death is separation from God....but "MAN" is the image and likeness of God

March 24 2010 at 9:50 AM

Yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to At least you say it's your opinion so..

there were plenty of animal souls around, but they were not "MAN", the image and likeness of the creator till God blew his NESHAMA (light of God, life of God) into the "created" being.

there are TWO MAN in the Bible, the first and last Adam; we all died in the first MAN and are made ALIVE in the LAST MAN, who is the 'second man or Lord from heaven".

in Genesis 1 God didn't FINISH making Man because Man is BOTH male and female, not either or:

when he took the female out of the male, he planned them to BECOME ONE again but 'face to face'; God wanted MAN to KNOW HIMSELF, his SOUL, his wife, the woman in him.

The womans DESIRE was to be to her husband and the husband was to CLEAVE to his wife, his SOUL...

when separated Man didn't OBEY the "will of the creator";

how else though COULD GOD the creator make a MAN in the creators image and likeness without giving them the OPPORTUNITY to CHOOSE obedience willingly??

if I make my kids listen, they will do what I say, but thats not the same as CHOOSING it for themselves.

the WHOLE JOURNEY out of EDEN is to learn obedience WILLINGLY, without being forced:

yet in truth, God is there the whole time PROMPTING US to obey and when we don't, we sin or MISS THE MARK OF TRUTH......God finally reveals his remedy

Jesus Christ the "MAN" he planned from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, is born in us the 'CREATION' so that the creation could become a NEW MAN, and a NEW CREATION

its like making something that you alone are able to RUN in the end; yet you make it in such a way that it EXPERIENCES your ability to RUN it and is glad that YOU ARE THERE to do what you KNOW and FEEL needs to be DONE

you become one with the thing you created and it gets the benefit of knowing you and getting everything YOU HAVE by association:

the WHOLE BIBLE STORY is HOW GOD MAKES THE LAST MAN out of HIMSELF and the FIRST Man who was not finished yet.....

the first Adam was made in the image of God but not yet in the LIKENESS...why?

because God could make something that reflects him to a point but to make something that ACTS like him that something has to have FREE WILL like God ahs and CHOOSE TO USE IT in the RIGHT WAY, the lawful way that won't destroy itself

man can speak the WORD but can he BE the WORD? It is written that the WORD is added unto daily as people receive that WORD engrafted into their heart so that they both SPEAK and DO the WORD in them; this is God in us and with us who both wills and does in us of his good pleasure/Eden: a return to the POSITION GOD intended all along:

this is a huge work on Gods part and so huge that man can't even begin to see it till he has the experience of the creator in open his eyes and ears to hear the TRUTH of the creator.

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