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March 31 2010 at 3:06 PM
Striver  (no login)

Discipleship begins with the individual who has lived through the absolutely necessary stage of 'riotous living, realised it is not the way to go, and decides to get up and head home to his Father's Home...his Source.

He has lived life in the fast lane, his focuss being almost 100% on the acquisition of the material, with a little religion thrown in just in case there is existence after the transition called death.

He has suffered from it and eventually revolted from everything in the Rat Race called Capitalism. He becomes dissatisfied, disgusted, and finds his old life distasteful. He has had all of it he can stand.

For what is a disciple? A disciple is someone who seek a new rhythm, to enter a new field of experience. What he once fancied so desirable and necessary for happiness no longer satisfy him. He is in a transition between the old and new states of being. He is vibrating between a condition of soul and form awareness. He is seeing double.

His spiritual perception grows slowly and surely as the brain become capable of illumination from the soul via the mind. As his Christ within grows, his radius of awareness grows and new fields of knowledge unfold.

The would-be disciple , through this process, becomes aware of his lower nature and begins to realise the extent of his imprisonment in it. The hindrances to achievement and the obstacles to progress are revealed to him and his problem becomes specific. He finds he is confronted by enemies of his own creation.

As perseveres and struggles, surmounts his problems and brings his desires and thoughts under control, the second field of knowledge is revealed, knowledge of the self in the spiritual body, knowledge of the human soul as it expresses itself through the medium of the threefold instrument and awareness of the source of spiritual energy , which is the motivating impulse behind the lower manifestation. Every step of the way has to be carved out by man himself, and there is no short or easy road out of darkness into light.
(a paraphrase of excerpts from a book by a Tibetan Master)

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