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I support reasoning and logic, also called common sense ^_^

April 3 2010 at 10:54 AM

truthbetold  (Login JVH)

Response to I support scrutiny, lets see if it leads us anywhere

-TBT: a) the notion that the bible is inerrant
-JB: I dont claim the scriptures are inerrant but how do these particular verses validate your claim, the bold print you offered is unconvincing.

Whether you claim inerrency of the babble or not, is not important, for now; a) it is claimed, whether you like ti or not; b) what counts is whether you believe or are of the opinion the babble is inerrant or not.
As for you comment on the bold parts in the initial post; if you say so, however, positions with out substance can be dismissed the same way. happy.gif


-TBT: b) four authors displaying blatant discrepancies regarding the same event
-JB: Blatant is an emotive argument, can you provided tangible evidence that these are real discrepancies and not perceived discrepancies.

Fine, skip the blatant, and while were at it, let's skip the semantics as well, k? happy.gif


-TBT: c) and the parts within my post in bold might have something to do with that
-JB: Why can they not all have occurred over the course of this event? I don't see the bold items as presenting a conclusive case for your assertion. In my previous post I divided common and enhanced accounts.

Speculate as much as you want, I don't - I am going with what the supposed inerrant babble says. happy.gif


-TBT: So, if the babble is indeed inerrant, the chitter chatter of the four alleged authors in question should convey exactly the same thing since their utterences address the same event. As it so happens, their chit chat shows incontrovertibly dissimilitude, as emphasized in bold.
-JB: I don't believe you have presented sound evidence to support this claim. Is there anything else you can include that might add further weight to your argument? JB

What you do or do not believe is not of my concern, if you want to (actually) refute the evidence presented, be your guest. wink.gif

For your convenience wink.gif

an argument is disagreement or method of reasoning
wherein logic evaluates the quality of ratiocination
applied within in a series of statements, preferably
shown true, meant to establish a definite proposition

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People are intrinsically intelligent

When people are put together, they could become a herd
When people turn a herd, they could become sheeple
When people turn sheeple, they could become dumb animals
When people turn dumb animals, they become treated as such

Improved!! Now With T-Formula!!
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