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the tree of knowledge of good and evil

April 9 2010 at 6:39 AM

Yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Some spirits are helpful, are called God.

the tree of knowledge of good and evil R-US: We are like trees and the disciples asked Jesus how they could tell if a tree is evil or good: Jesus said that a tree that is good brings forth good fruit and a tree that is evil brings forth bad fruit:

since we have two roots in us, the good and evil root, we can choose either or:

but its not so simple as "choosing" good when we don't quite understand what good or evil are yet. The good root in us is Christ but we may not be conscious of that, awake to that truth. The evil root is the evil spirit in us but we are also not aware of that truth in consciousness.

It is written that the root of David is Christ: When we become aware of the good in us as GOD IN US, then we become a "living soul" or conscious of the "image of God" in us. We no longer take credit for the good but we recognize that GOD IN US is the good in us and soon after this we will also become aware that the evil in us is from another spirit called antichrist or antiGod if you like.

This battle of good and evil begins before we are aware of it being outside of us: We usually take credit for being either good or evil in our conscience which is what makes us feel shame and guilt or proud and good about ourselves.

Once Christ or God is revealed in Christ, we recognize that the good is given to us because Christ is revealed when we "suddenly" can do things we never could before and overcome things that we never overcame before no matter how much we wanted or needed to. We feel the extra surge of power that is obviously given to us:

Soon after the evil side of our tree rises up greater than ever before and we experience this inner hate and wrath and fear that we never experienced before the good was revealed as an EXTRA SOURCE of strength. This is called revealing the "UNJUST" because it is written the JUST and the UNJUST are resurrected in the last days, the last generation of that soul. These two forces in us suddenly and without prior warning to us at least as we understand warning, begin to battle out the forces of good and evil in our soul. We become like powerless by-standers while God and Satan or good and evil fight for our soul within our own experience.

This is the MAKING OF MAN: why? Because now we understand CHOICE or using the "WILL"; God is making a "NEW WILL" which is what MAN really means: The image and likeness of God is the "WILL of the creation", the ability to choose good over evil, and this is the WORK of the MESSIAH in the Bible. According to Judaism ONLY THE MESSIAH will be able to CHOOSE the good and resist the evil in us. In Christianity Christ is the victor over evil as well.

The GROUND of being that they fight in is our soul.

Christ wins but the devil doesn't give up easily when he knows his time is short: HE begins to persecute the woman or soul that brings forth the CHRIST from within, from the ROOT of the soul that is awakened: Satan or the evil force feels his "end" is near and tries to keep the soul from choosing good: Since Christ is the good, Paul explains that if we submit to HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, we will overcome since the VICTORY that overcomes the "world" (spirit of satan, evil) is OUR FAITH.

IF we are still trying to establish our own righteousness, meaning we think we are choosing good or evil, we have not yet experienced the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God.

In other words we still think we ourselves are evil or good: We ourselves think that we can actually choose to be good without help from the ONE who is GOOD: We also think we are also evil at times, instead of recognizing the "man of sin" the son of perdition, the man of lawlessness in us:

It is written that this man of sin has to be revealed before Christ destroys him with the truth of his appearing and the brightness of his coming:

In my experience Christ was revealed first in 1990, and less than two years later just like in the Bible, Satan tried to destroy me and Christ in me and the battle of Armageddon began, the war for my soul. It took awhile but Christ won because I RECOGNIZED that CHRIST is the WORD IN ME, the HOLY ROOT in me, and that is when my FAITH ROSE UP to become "the faith of the Son of God" in me and this faith was able to overcome the world and it's spirit (antichrist).

this is when I realized that GOD had made me "man" a "will in his own image and likeness": That is when I realized I was baptized into the NAME of Jesus, who is the Christ, the JUST In me, the RIGHTEOUS ONE IN MY SOUL.


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