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April 25 2010 at 8:12 AM

Yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Yvonne

first of all I want to say I didn't reply to you with the full intent that I want to measure my responses to, which is to acknowledge your need and not just what you say: I know you feel a need to clarify esoteric knowledge to Christians so they will "bring it up a notch" in understanding things through science and the ORIENTAL viewpoint. The fear behind the need however is that you didn't make a mistake in leaving Christianity or you would probably feel free instead of so angry that you had to go.

JB asked if you understand that God isn't energy, and I also ask this question:

IN that video on the other forum about SPACE (heaven) TIME (in the beginning) MATTER (earth), the question remains, who is GOD and where does he fit in with the SPACE TIME MATTER continuim: God created....

created is the "means" of how the THREE operate but the FORCE that EMPOWERS them PROPELS not known to this day:

I call it PURE WILL but that doesn't say much to a scientific mind, yet ONE CAN NOT DENY WILL no matter how little it is understood:

the reason I call GOD PURE WILL is because of the WAY God MOVES IN ME

without will there is no movement in us

if we loose our willpower we stop doing what we were doing or should do

MOTIVATION is a huge factor in psychology, and understanding it isn't that simple:

WILL is the MISSING LINK in peoples inability to "Do GOOD" all the time;

we may be "willing" to do good, but the POWER isn't there

ask an addict, who has lost his will to stop his addiction even though it is killing him, making his loved ones suffer just watching him act out his insane impulse:

now a more civilized person will say yea, I would never do that to myself, but they also have no idea how or why they DO what they do in their lives:

they THINK they are better people, or have more willpower and even though they may admit they were raised better or taught better, few people understand that without THE WILL IN THEM TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL, they would fall to a helpless heap on the floor, doing NOTHING but what would be required to survive:

our willpower is the singlemost PROOF of Gods existence to me, and the reason is that I SEE GOD AS PURE WILL....the WILL OF LIFE moving everything and everyone around at his WILL.....

if anyone can disprove that, I would like to see it:

now some will say, what? God is making people do awful things?

here is where it gets tricky:

here is where the Bible helps out:

the spirit is the will

but the will is no longer AWARE OF ITS SOURCE, of its origin, where IT COMES FROM

since it isn't conscious of its source it MOVES and does what it wills according to THE SENSES it is HOUSED IN

this is why the spirit is wicked in the Bible and not the body

this is why we need a spiritual birth and not just an adjustment in "thinking" about matter vrs energy

its not just a matter of matter, but a matter of WILL and WILL is spirit and spirit is UNCONSCIOUS of its source; it doesn't FEEL THE CONNECTION TO WHERE IT COMES FROM any longer

therefore the will goes where it wills and it wills to go where it SENSES reality:

once the will comes to the END of its senses and mine came to that point, it perceives there is NOTHING BUT WILL.....everything else is just a MEANS TO SATISFY it

all creation (space, time and matter) is created by the BIG WILL that wanted to MAKE ALL THINGS FOR ITS PLEASURE


the little will that the BIG WILL made....said I want to be a FREE WILL like you are a free will

and the BIG WILL said, well, you are part of MY BIG WILL and have NO WILL outside of ME:

the little will said yes I DO,and I want to leave you so I can prove that I am able to WILL MY OWN existence into being

ok, but you will return to me one day because WE ARE ONE WILL....and your power will not suffice if you don't stay CONNECTED to will run out unless you recharge through the SOURCE

I "WILL" take my chances big WILL, I have to go now and create purpose

the BIG WILL waited by the window (metaphor) looking to see when the little will would come back because after all, the little will was part of the BIG WILL and the BIG WILL didn't feel complete anymore till his little will returned:

THE BIG WILL already had a plan in place before the little will left and that plan would be put in motion as soon as the little will "came to himself" and said, wow, I am getting "poor in will"; I can't seem to "DO" what I used to DO; nobody is helping me and nobody gives a dam

I will return to the BIG WILL and tell him I WILL TO DO HIS WILL since I really can't exist without HIM after all....I am one with him and now I realize I NEED WILL TO CONTINUE TO WILL

long story short, the BIG WILL had a preparation to REUNITE the TWO but it would not be easy......on the little will.....but also it wouldn't be easy on the BIG WILL .....but why not?:

the BIG will had to put HIMSELF INSIDE THE LITTLE WILL to bring him back....that is what it means to "COME TO YOURSELF", come to the knowledge or MEMORY OF YOUR ORIGIN

so he put a little spark of himself in the little will so that when the little will found himself out of willpower, it would IGNITE a "fresh" part of the BIG WILL inside the little will to EMPOWER HIM TO RETURN (repentance which is given from above, from the BIG WILL)

and once the little will returned through this spark that made him "will to return" and empower him to return, the BIG WILL MET HIM while he was still far from the actual place of the BIG WILL and the BIG WILL threw HIMSELF ON THE little will and CLUNG TO HIS NECK (place of union) and brought the little will back into the FOLD OF THE WHOLE WILL

the little spark that the BIG WILL put in the little will asked, why are you giving him a big FEAST, a big hurrah......I never left you and yet you are being so generous to him

the BIG WILL SAID Oh SPARK OF MINE, everything I have is YOURS already....but this little will was dead and now he is alive once more

it is written that angels are always looking at the Fathers face to see what they should do with the children (sons of God)

and it is written angels look into the meaning of salvation: angels want to know what its LIKE TO GO AWAY ON A FAR FAR JOURNEY and be their own little will for a time

and return home after knowing what it felt like to be without THE BIG WILL

and so they have their chance.....will separates from BIG WILL and returns home

and the BIG WILL made sure the little will has a way BACK when he is poor in will power, poor in spirit:

blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven:

from my will to yours:)

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