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now, looking at the "will" to create thought

April 25 2010 at 8:22 AM

Yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Striver

the BIG WILL willed to DO and not just BE

so he "created" a VOID in which to WILL, do, act

he retracted a big hole in his middle, like a hole in his body and in this DARKNESS of "space" the WILL began to "FORM" and TIME did "DESIRE" i.e the VOID

what did he FORM?

an image of WILL....but how could he FORM this image of something that has NO FORM???

thats where it gets interesting, but I have to do something real quick:

BIG WILL wills to not only BE but move and breathe through what he will now create with his BIG WILL

BIG WILL has a GOAL, PURPOSE for retracting HIS BIG WILL in the middle to create A VOID ....he has to make an OPPOSITE TO BIG WILL FIRST, hence BIG WILL said I CREATE EVIL which is just the emptiness of where the BIG WILL used to be:

this BIG VOID now has no LIGHT and here the BIG WILL will "FORM THE LIGHT" in the darkness:

BIG WILL WILL FLOW from HIMSELF into the VOID to "FORM" the LIGHT that he is within the DARKNESS that HE IS NOT

his FIRST FORM is a LETTER........a LINE


it is just a LINE OF LIGHT within the VOID to create OPPOSITE qualities within the void

this LINE comes from the TENTH letter or YOD, the small point of light that is used like INK to form the LINE that will create "something" out of NOTHING

if this is boring then more of the same won't be any less boring lolol

oh what the heck, its my story so I "WILL" stick to it:

the Hebrew letters are LIGHTS FORMED by the BIG WILL and the FIRST letter in Gods name is the YOD or tenth letter that is the INK from which he writes his story and the third letter is the LINE he begins with out of that ink:

God is spelled "YOD HEI VOV HEI", so we have the first and third letter, and these are respectively called the FATHER and SON

but what about the HEI and why are there TWO?

the first hei is the IMPRESSION the LIGHT makes in the dark to FILL

like making a cup to fill with something

so, the First HEI is the first CUP or vessel the BIG WILL made to fill it within himself:

the second HEI is another IMPRESSION or VESSEL or CUP the BIG WILL MADE to fill with HIMSELF, the LIGHT or BIG WILL

the first HEI is above the LINE and the second HEI (or impression) is below the LINE (VOV)

these are two ways of sensing BOTH THE LIGHT or BIG WILL and also SENSING THE VOID the letter or IMPRESSION made

above the LINE the waters (BIG WILL) is perfectly experienced; it has no problem feeling or sensing the BIG WILL within the impression

but below the line it gets more complicated........because the "senses" here are more of the VOID than the BIG WILL

here the 'little will' goes to experience INDEPENDANCE, or its individual sense of "I", his EGO

here the BIG WILL is not FELT except that the little will is able to feel that it is still joined to the BIG WILL till the EGO or "I" becomes too big

what makes the EGO bigger and bigger is the AMOUNT OF LITTLE WILLS that are leaving the nest.....the BIG WILL

these little wills all join together now to build their own ideas (forms of light) of what it takes to be SATISFIED

these are "thoughts" or lines that focus on the VOID more than on the LIGHT or BIG WILL

these thoughts are always willing to FILL the VOID but they lost their memory of how to do this.....because they wanted to remain separate from BIG WILL

which is a sad thing since they couldn't exist without BIG WILL at all

they use their power or "WILL" to fill the void but it is within their OWN EXPERIENCE......within their own "I" a matter of fact the "I" itself is the VOID the thing that makes them FEEL separate from the BIG WILL

the only solution the little will has is to GO AND TAKE light from OTHER little wills and use them for himself because he has no way to get any from the Big will he forgot about......

and so pain upon pain of all little wills

in the FULLNESS OF TIME (when Space is filled with too much I/ego and too little BIG WILL) the story of the Prodigal son/little will takes place

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