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God speaks through his Son

May 3 2010 at 11:49 AM
Striver  (no login)

Response to from below...........God Speaks through his SON in the last days

You just cannot give up that cherished feeling of specialness, of superiority orthodox Christians love to hold.

As I have said before. The Hebrews needed a history for themselves, so they stole, plagiarised, the scriptures of previous religions, substituting Hebrew names for the original. And don't waste your time telling me they didn't. I've done my homework and know that is precisely what they did.

They even had the unequalled gall to name themselves God's chosen people. And gullible Christians never doubt them...amazing! Other than creating this pedestal they created for themselves, they have not one thing they didn't steal. Do I blame today's orthodox Jews? Of course not. These teachings have been handed down from generation to generation as God's irrefutable truth. Who wants to disagree with God...aside from orthodox Christians that is?

Today's Jewish-Christian teachers aren't lying. They believe what they say. The very same thing that happened with Jewish teaching being passed for generation to genneration as God's truth happened with orthodox Christianity. I won't hesitate to say that 100% of orthodox Christians don't know the origin of their New Testament allegory is with both Buddhist and Hindu. Buddhism is an off-shoot of Hinduism.

Just as th Jews passed along as God's word their plagiarised doctrine, so has Christianity done its people with the Angel-Messiah allegory, a carbon copy of the conception, birth, life death and resurrection of Shri Krishna. Should I post Krishna's story which happened some 2500 Yeats B.C.?

From the immaculate conception through the ascension, orthodox Christianity has nothing they did not get from the Orient. The Angel-Messiah allegory came to Juda via the Essenes who in turn had gotten it from an Asian Buddhist sect.

Since the beginning, back in ancient Egypt, there has existed side by side, the exoteric and the esoteric. The things I post aren't as many believe, "that New Age stuff!" These inperpretations are new to the orthodox, but not to those having done their homework. Shall I post some quotes from those living during that period during and just following the death of the rabbi Yeshua?

These escoteric interpretations are hidden in the dungeons called the Archives of the Church of Rome. One Bishop, commenting on the invention of the printing press is on record as saying, "If we don't destroy the printing Press it will dstroy us." This is but one example of the sorry mucks who started the lies handed down to you today. Once again, there's no point in blaming church members. They believe what they've been told. If inner experiences, revelations, ephanies etc, are built on Christian or Jewish foundations, they are built upon sand facing a rising tide of information which is going to destroy these foundations.

The following is copied from a very old text:

"There was," we are told, in every country having claims to civilization,an Esoteric doctrine designated WISDOM, and those who were devoted to its prosecution were first denominated Sages, or wise men. Pythagoras termed thissystem "the Gnosis or Knowledge of things that are. Under the noble designation of Wisdom, the ancient teachers, the sages of India, the magicians of Persia and Babylon, the seers and prophets of Israel, the hierophants of Ebypt and Asia, and the philosophers of Greece and the West, included all knowledge which they considered as essentially divine, classifying part as esoteric and the remainder exoteric.

There are no superior, special "children of God" to whom truth has been given while being withheld from everyone else.

There is no one people to whom a psychotic God sent his son to be tortured followed by the inhumane execution by hanging on a cross.

The human race is the Word made flesh, not certain segmennts of it only.

The only real sin is that of separateness, say Ageless Wisdom Philosophy. Have we separated ourselves by the illusion of superiority? We are our brother's keeper, not his superior.

Psalm 82.6 says we humans, NOT JUST SEMITICS WHO PRACTICE THE JEWISH RELIGION; NOT JUST ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS, but everyone, from the Headhunter to the Saint, are Gods and CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH. What isn't God is their minds which, we are told, to transmute into God mind. No, not the one in the sky; the one Psalm 82.6 speaks to.

It is assumed by Christians and Jews that this" MOST HIGH" refers to their invisible God in an invisible heaven. But this is only an assumption, NOT A FACT. According to Trans-Himalayan Philosophy plus the latest MODERN science, this "Most High" is space. Where the hell did orthodox Christians and Jews get this view of themselves as being special. Egypt was practing the religion from which sprang Christianity during that time the Hebrews were Egypts brick making slaves.

Do I need to repost the comparison of Moses to Bacchus; Moses to Zoroaster; that the Hebrews got the Deluge legend from Chaldea; that while, according to the Hebrews, the planet was conered by water from a universal Flood, Egypt was building pyramids. How many proofs of Hebrews having copied the scriptures of previous religions do you need? You're not offended by having been lied to? Or are you just in denial?

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