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its obvious

May 16 2010 at 9:44 AM

yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Continuing the exposing of the heretic JB

that you do all the attacking here

I speak of what I see and hear from above and you call me a heretic? Well I am to you, but I don't call you a heretic:

you can only see what you can see and I don't fault you for it anymore than I would my own child who couldn't see more than they can see:

you are the one calling everyone names: Just look at your posts to others:

you want me to agree with your understanding when I see beyond it through EXPERIENCE with the WORD IN MY HEART

that is the goal of God by the day you will grasp that

unless you think this is as good as it gets for you:

if you don't believe that there is more revelation than you have, then what do you think will happen when Jesus comes to you?

when he returns for his saints?

see, for me this already happened: You can't believe it because you have your IDEAS of how it will be

I know how it is because I already went through it...

and yet you call me a heretic??

JB doesn't answer you the way you want and you call JB the same.....why all this anger at people who speak of what they perceive to be the truth:

YOU HAVE NEVER DISPROVEN ME.....except in your own mind.......according to your own understanding

and mine is not where yours is

if you are superior in understanding the WORD, then why call names? why get so upset??

its not Jesus you are defending, its YOUR UNDERSTANDING

which is not at the LEVEL it will be "when you see him", so be a little humble if you can so that when you do see him, you won't have to feel so silly for all the fuss you are making now about what YOU believe......

everyone else has the same right as you do....or don't you believe that?

if you don't believe that, what does that make you? a control freak in simple psychological terms

proving something through the WORD is one thing, but you never disprove me except by calling me names and saying that I am a gnostic or some other name you feel justified to call me:

I am not of any mind set but the "mind of Christ" that is given to me to BOTH HEAR and SEE the WORD in my heart......written there by God

so he could give me a new mind as well

don't you ever get tired of kicking against the pricks of the WORD that comes from JESUS as he speaks through those who are WITNESSES OF HIM??

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