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well have fun with the pc

May 18 2010 at 10:48 AM

yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Yvonne

I wish I knew how to rebuild a pc: I could use mine being rebuilt: The middle pillar which is the crown (let no man take your crown) which is also the 'mind of Christ' given to that first rider on the white horse told to go FORTH CONQUERING.....

since the crown is 'da'ath' (KNOWLEDGE of the FIERY LAW IN THE HEART) on a conscious level, (while keter is still unconscious), the knowledge of God enables the heart to be corrected (because of sitting with Christ in the heavenlies where we rule with him till he makes our enemies our/HIS footstool: Paul said that God will shortly put Satan under our feet after this truth becomes reality for us: Here the heart (tiferet) becomes the "BEAUTY FOR ASHES" from the chastening of the sons who MOURN in Zion while the "sin nature" is burned away: THE END result of beauty in the heart is COMPASSION/rachamim, which is why it is written that when Judas hung himself, his boweles (compassion) fell to the earth:

the pure in heart (from the correction of judgment/gevurah) that is triumphed by mercy/chesed) all things become pure, hence YESOD (the foundation) moves from sand to the ROCK of ages, Christ our rock and no other foundation can ever be laid for GOD TO BUILD HIS HOUSE UPON.......his sons become a holy and royal priesthood built upon that rock: We become wills/kings of the KING and our desires (silver) are purified from the black that would prevent seeing clearly what desire we NEED to please God: A desire for FAITH that pleases GOD:

Yesod flows into Malkut (THE KINGDOM ON EARTH as it is in heaven) when all desire is corrected and blessed are the FEET of those who walk in UNITY (same mind as heart as "crown/knowledge of God" that comes from the pure wisdom and understanding (chockmah and bina) that enables us to "KNOW" God in Jesus Christ in us: Yesod is the combination of Hod/splendor and sincere desire that brings the awe of God to the soul; Here the left leg (Hod) learns to walk by the SPIRIT (right leg of Netzak-ongoing life, everlasting CONFIDENCE in God and his WORD): Here the weakness of God (Hod) is made strong by walking with God who will continue to RAISE UP those who fall, even though they fall seven times a day: Yesod or the foundation of truth is knowing "HUMILITY" that his strength is made perfect in our weakness:

knowing means UNION and a heart that understands knowledge is the most prescious gift God gives us:

this heart knows God

Malkut or the Kingdom of God on earth as in heaven is represented by the FEET and MOUTH of the NEW Man since both of these need to work together to be IN UNION of WORD and DEED:

Jesus said we would wash each others feet or we could have no part with him:

brothers who encourage each other to keep their mouth/feet clean are truly brothers indeed: Each one remembers that we are ONE even as God is ONE so we need to "TARRY FOR ONE ANOTHER" in order to enter into the fullness of the LORD on earth as it is in heaven:

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