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all religions including Hinduism is waiting for a great transformation

May 26 2010 at 8:36 AM

yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Many Faiths, One Truth

Jews are waiting for Messiah, Hindus are waiting for the rising of the Kundalini which will purify all desire, Christians are waiting for Christ to return, because everyone knows that we as humans don't have the capacity to RISE ABOVE our egosim: it is like the eye looking at itself: We can't see our real problem because we are the real problem so to see it would be an impossible situation for mankind to endure

unless........they had a new identity to STEP INTO, to overcome the ego, the old way of seeing and knowing reality: If we "knew" the next phase of our spiritual evolution, if we knew how we were meant to be in the "eye of God" when he first created us to be his image and likeness, we will be able to tollerate the transformation; if we don't know the "other way" we are meant to be, we will find it absolutely intollerable because there are so many reasons NOT TO TRUST others, love others as oneself and the "OTHERS EGO" is the main reason we perceive this impossibility of loving everyone as ourselve.

If we knew our own soul, overcame our own inner hatred for others who are of a different religion or race or political ideology, (nation against nation, ethnos against ethnos) we would understand how to overcome the ego: If we don't know our own soul, we can't perceive the soul in our neighbor but only his ego against our own and this ego is a cold solid iron wall that has no door or welcome sign.

Being pushed into proximity will not help the problem, only worsen it. We need a way to RISE ABOVE THE EGO even while being in the same body as the ego lives in to BOND with others at this higher level so we can tollerate their egos and even want to give to each other. THINK of the marriage relationship with Paul said was the "MYSTERY" of CHRIST and his Bride (our soul): HOW hard is it for two people to become one even when they LOVE one another, desire one another, share everything and bring children into the world: IF it is this difficult to love our spouse how will we ever truly LOVE others who share nothing of value with us unless we FIND A COMMON VALUE TO SHARE?

The common value at first is God, which is only half the answer: Loving God is good as far as that it enables us to RECEIVE THE LOVE from him that we need for our own desire to be corrected towards God.

But when we find out that THIS LOVE IS GIVEN to love others as ourself, things begin to get really really difficult because the "resistence" (enemy) of the soul that doesn't want to UNITE with others in the same way we are forced to unite with our own spouses and children. NO WAY...JOSE

yet this is the ONLY HOPE we have and the enemy/resister makes sure others egos become more and more intollerable by showing great hate towards our efforts to SHARE THE FIRST COMMANDMENT which is our LOVE FOR GOD who is the LOVE we need to love the other.

IF the resister can keep us focused on how different GOD IS, then LOVE never has to become a real issue: We can fight over defining love so we don't have to PRACTICE Love, give Love to others. One of the best ways we can tell ourselves that LOVE IS REALLY EVIL is to tell ourselves that others have a FALSE GOD, hence false love: If others don't really know the TRUE GOD, hence the TRUE WAY TO LOVE, then we don't have to love them; we are off the hook.

and so we continue to discuss God/LOVE in hopes that others will COME TO OUR UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE/God and then they might be worthy to be loved; then they may be good enough to be in our presence and receive some love from us that WE ALONE understand as good as we do by KNOWING GOD BETTER than anyone.

The people who love the same God are like being in the same family as long as there are other families (believers) who are against our way of Love/God:

but once we get only with our group we quickly find that they too are intollerable boobs (egos) that don't really love God as much as they SHOULD and we are quick to tell them so; after all it is written....and we quickly PULL out the SCRIPTURE, sacred texts to POINT out how others are not really as loving as IT SAYS THEY SHOULD BE:

as long as we are in our ego instead of the SOUL (New creation that has the LIGHT of Messiah/CHRIST) as its LIFE, we will find a sense of ONENESS impossible to experience on an ongoing level. Only the SOUL in union with the "NEW" awaited SOURCE needed to TRANSFORM from ego to "image and likeness" of GOD, hence "MAN" in its true eternal meaning will we FEEL the OTHER as OUR SELVES:

For me this was the most difficult journey even with CHRIST IN ME....because of the correction/tikkun I needed to endure at the LEVEL OF DESIRE:

We are a bundle of DESIRE and we NEED them fulfilled: If we have a UNION with GOD through "binding" with him, being made ONE with him (Christ in us) or Messiah or that "other source" all religions are waiting for, this source (CHRIST) will CORRECT OUR DESIRE till we want what GOD WANTS:

and GOD WANTS US TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER......simple he loves us...not so simple

he wants us to lay down our lives (egos) for one another so we can FIND true and abundant LIFE within the SOUL he is making as the SECOND VESSEL, the vessel of HONOR (the Bible calls it that): It is the weakness of God in that HIS STRENGTH (Gods love) is made PERFECT in this weakness

the ego is not the weakness of God but the strength that has to be overcome by God in order to FEEL OUR NEW CREATION, our NEW MAN who is truly the image and likeness of God in that this MAN is able to lay down his life (his ego) for his the whole world and in that he becomes ONE SOUL with other souls who are all exiled within the egos that seem impossible to love.

MY DESIRE NOW which is the desire from ABOVE, is to LOVE others as GOD LOVES THEM and he loves the SOUL he is MAKING even as he destroys the ego of that same LUMP (body). Only God is able to both KILL and make alive at the same time: God in us will enable us to RISE ABOVE our ego in every way and UNITE First WITH GOD himself and through that enable us to SEE THE UNITY that already exists with every soul who also is receiving from the ONLY TRUE GOD that exists; the GOD THAT IS LOVE, the GOD that created everything and upholds everything and makes a WAY FOR HIS CREATION to DO what he wants them to do by GIVING THEM THE MEANS to do it:

his own Spirit

and this SPIRIT is realized at the level of DIFFERENT NAMES to match our different desires at different levels of transformation:

as we GET TO KNOW THE NAME of the LEVEL we DESIRE in order to rise above that level of correction, we FEEL FREE to the extent that we "KNOW" (have union) with that NAME. It is the WORD after all that enables us to "FEEL" KNOWLEDGE within our consciousness and give it a name.

once we name something we FEEL confident in that knowledge and are able to SHARE it both in WORD and DEED: When we can share it clearly in WORD, we are finally able to share in DEED: As we know something within us, we ACT in accordance to that knowledge and find that we have become MORE than we were before we KNEW that fact, that truth, that idea expressed in a meaningful way.

I am at the place where I see the SOUL God is making in everyone and focusing on that more than their ego which is always the BIGGER perception: Yet the ego has become so intollerable to look at within myself or others that I have CHOSEN TO ASK GOD TO HELP ME NOT LOOK AT IT:

Yes I needed that help and I need it every I can FOCUS on what GOD WANTS ME TO SEE and not what is easy to see in this world:

IF God takes us out of this world, why look at the world and its spirit in others? WHY NOT LOOK AT THE WORLD TO COME and its SOUL in others, no matter how hidden it appears to be at the time. IF we have the SPIRIT OF GOD who knows the END from the beginning, we can see OTHERS as GOD SEES THEM which is why JESUS could say, FATHER FORGIVE THEM for they don't know what they are doing (with their egos):

God knows the ego is going to be destroyed in everyone as the SOUL in them RISES TO MEET GOD IN THE AIR (consciousness of a higher reality): God knows this will be the worst of all times since the beginning of the world, the spirit of antichrist that rules the world already from the beginning of the world:

It is only CHRIST who is able to OVERCOME such a spirit in us that makes us PERCEIVE the separateness more than the UNION (Soul) we are in GOD. Even if we really have experienced GOD the unifying force, we are not free from suffering till we AGREE WITH IT in all everything THAT UNION produces:

in all our ways acknowledge him and HE WILL DIRECT OUR PATH ( the path of the soul) not the path of the ego which is part of the world that is passing away in everyone.

the quicker we AGREE with our destiny, the quicker our suffering will END:

God help us to know what we have to do and become WILLING TO DO IT with everyone and not just our family and group which is hard enough.

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