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yes, the non grasping helps us get to the place where we must grasp

May 31 2010 at 8:57 AM

yvonne  (Login Harpazo)

Response to Great link there ..

the discipline of eastern religions is to overcome the desire of the ego, hence they practice 'non-grasping' as a way to deny the ego pleasure and instead they begin to feel another dimension:

but the "flight" that the casimir experience proves is not about the ego but for the soul who MUST graps the creator in the zero point to be joined to the creator forever:

here is where the ego is overcome at least above, in the place of idealism and the concept of love: The ego still remains below in the place of physical desire because we are left in the body if we have this experience before physical death, but it doesn't enter above; its like the Bible says about the NEW JERUSALEM, no evil can enter there even though it remains outside;

so the mind can no longer desire the wrong thing, which is why it is called the 'mind of Christ' in us: Now the rest of our emotions (self pity for persecution from the enemy within and without) are the final corrections we experience: The correction below where we experience "self pity" in our emotions has to be overcome because it prevents the love for our neighbor if we are feeling sorry for ourselves that they won't listen to our new found reality as truth:

I have many years of experience with this correction, lolol

being God conscious can only be done with a VESSEL to hold the light and this is the soul that is made to be filled with the light of God:

if we don't have a soul and die, the spirit goes back to God and becomes swallowed up in God, hence THERE IS NO US

the body returns to there is no form for us

but if we have a soul, there is an US that is able to hold the light of God and this is what the Bible calls the "NEW CREATION" or THE NEW MAN

in other words God wants to make MAN

not just take himself back as though he never made anything

why all the suffering then? why would God just take form and suffer for no reason?

that would make him very dysfunctional, no?? LOL well you know what I mean:

he would be a masocist if that were true:)

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