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I sort of agree

June 12 2010 at 3:43 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)

Response to I encourage people to sort of do this on their own.

And it hinges on the MEANING of prayer. The Old Testament usually said, "pray thee" ... which was a direct request or proposition from one person to another. Later, it developed into intervention-on-behalf .... as in beseeching a judge to change his mind or asking someone to give another person a break. In the New Testament, it was a combination of two words, "pros" and "euchomai" -a wish unto. (Does prosecute come to mind?)

So it's not really a "game" which can be tried, to see if or how it works; it's more of a "down to the crunch" kind of requesting or intervention.

Now Lox, up above though, gave a perfect example (in my opinion) of how prayer DOES work ... in an unconscious kind of way. This person ASKED him for a deal on the car that Lox was selling. Lox had originally intended to sell that car for a particular price and it wouldn't have entered his mind to "give it away." However, when the people came to look at the car, they had a wish based on a very real need. They needed the car badly but didn't have as much money as Lox was asking for it. In fact, they probably had considerably less ........ maybe even just an "insulting" amount. Nevertheless, they "prayed" to Lox and he was moved by their need and by their attitude. So he ANSWERED their prayer!

This kind of behavior brings tears to people's eyes because it just ... well ... it just kind of "touches" them ... and makes them want to turn around and do something good like that themselves! It can set off a whole chain reaction which brings about an amazing "delivery" of an oppression amongst a community of people .... an explosion of charity which turns around and delivers a whole community from its bondage. That's the power of prayer.

On the OTHER hand though ....

Suppose these people were just playing games with Lox. They just wanted to see if "prayer" could work. They had no real need but wanted to get a "steal of a deal" and they conned him into selling his car cheap. Then they went away laughing and "rejoicing" over how easy it is to exploit the power of prayer. How would Lox FEEL when he found out how he'd been used?

There are two aspects to prayer then .... the sincere and SERIOUS aspect .... and the selfish and frivolous aspect. Both of them satisfy the same requests but ........ the MOTIVATION is worlds apart.


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